Duke of Germany

3816 Chiquita Blvd.
Cape Coral , FL 33914


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Review added by: Akinom ON Jul 22, 2013

WORST Experience ever!!! Very UNFRIENDLY Staff!!!
Only ordered the wine - did not finish it - paid and left !!!
Any chance you could be just a little more specific about what made your visit awful. A few extra details or a whole page of details, anything is helpful. Was the staff rude from the moment you arrived or did they become that way before or after you ordered the wine. It sounds like you never even got as far as ordering food. Any clue what the problem is with this place. Had you ever eaten there before? What compelled you to visit them in the first place? Were you planning on ordering food? Was the place clean and nicely decorated? Did they have too few servers for the amount of customers and they ignored you or worse? Any details would help.
Review added by: Mista A ON Sep 14, 2011

“Family owned, great food, great prices”
We love this place! The food is fantastic, freshly prepared and delicious! The service is great as well. A family owned restaurant with all of these things going for it is hard to find in Cape Coral or anywhere in Lee County for that matter. I'm so glad we found the Duke of Germany and I hope to frequent their restaurant for years to come!
Visited August 2011
Review added by: Jefferson Fort Myers ON May 13, 2011

We just returned from our first visit to Duke of Germany. The food was very, very good, and the service was exceptional. We highly recommend this restaurant. ++Authentic German food.++

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